Review: Oz Comic-Con 2017 – Perth

It’s ten-to-one in the morning and someone has run out of blue thread. Across the city, several people have yet to figure out how to get their individual armour pieces to attach together – much less stay on their arms and legs, several needles are stuck in their respective sewing machines, and multiple computers are simultaneously trying to google where to find a specific shade of eye-shadow or lipstick before 9am. It’s the early hours of the weekend known as Comic-Con, and cosplayers across the Perth metropolitan are frantically making last minute adjustments.

Dawn breaks and the city takes a breath – enjoys a quick breakfast, 20 minutes extra sleep, or simply a coffee – before cars are packed, makeup applied, trains and buses are boarded and the adventure begins. Once again thousands don capes, wigs, armour and weapons and head to the Perth Convention Centre for Oz Comic-Con 2017 – one of Western Australia’s biggest annual pop culture-oriented events.

To be honest, I was a bit worried heading into Oz Comic-Con. They left the announcement of their guests really late and then one of their leading guests Jason Momoa cancelled. In the end their list was pretty good, with Brent Spiner (Data, Star Trek), Charles Martinet (the voice of Mario, Super Mario video games), Melissa Joan Hart (Sabrina, Sabrina the Teenage Witch), and Arthur Darvill (Rory, Doctor Who) a few of the most popular stars there. I only managed to attend two guest panels over the weekend – Brent Spiner’s panel on Saturday which was incredibly funny; and Torri Higginson’s (Dr. Weir, Stargate Atlantis) on Sunday which was great as I have long been a fan of anything Stargate. So overall, pretty happy with the lineup of guests and the relevant appearances. The only thing that I found a little disappointing in regards to this side of the convention was the size of the stages; Stage 1 was probably only just big enough and Stage 2 was way, way too small. Putting that to one side though, the panels themselves were exceptional.

Now, on to what I love most about these conventions… the cosplay.

Terranous Perth Cosplay Championship Winner

Terranous – Perth’s Oz Comic-Con Cosplay Championship Winner

As always, Perth set out to impress. Every year I love to see the unique takes some people do as well as the detail others go into, ensuring that they represent an exact replica of their chosen character. I wanted to take my own camera but as my cosplay required me to carry a teacup and saucer around all day, I figured I was biting off more than I could have chewed. Instead, I left it to the professionals. See the below links for some amazing photo albums, or if you are feeling even more curious, an internet search brings up a heap more. So much talent, both in costume creation and photography.

House of Geekery this site is generally fantastic, looking forward to their post on Sunday’s cosplay – Saturday Part 1, Saturday Part 2.

Fluffy Plushiesthis guy can take the meanest cosplay and make them adorable… or frightening… depends on what the cosplayer decides to do with the plush toy… either way, I love it.

Blacklight Photography – heaps of general con-goodness.

Oz Comic-Con: a great weekend which left me thoroughly but happily exhausted. Already looking forward to Supanova in June. Jaffa Kree!!

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