National Novel Writing Month 2014 Plans

In my 2014 National Novel Writing Month novel, I’m going to attempt writing a story from the point of view of the antagonist. For the last year I’ve been tossing up story plans with this theme in mind. My main area of concern… to clearly present her as the antagonist and not the protagonist. It’s […]

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Nanowrimo 2014

  I didn’t get around to posting last week, unfortunately assignments got in the way. This week, I’ve decided to do an update rather than a creative writing post. Nanowrimo or National Novel Writing Month is next month. It will be my fourth time participating this year. Nanowrimo is an annual writing challenge in which […]

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Whispers of a Yesterday

Whispers of a Yesterday – a short story I wrote a few years ago. The crunch of dried leaves underfoot did little to alleviate the stifling silence that hung over the deserted village. Every step brought back memories of a day that lay forgotten by the world. A day that Safiyya could never forget. Stopping […]

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Australian Anti-terror Raids – Creating Fear and Encouraging Terror.

Is it just me… or is Australia preparing for war? A few weeks ago I wrote a post about the proposed Data Retention policy. There hasn’t been much on that front since the initial proposal, but now another disturbing situation has arisen. Last Thursday, the largest counter terrorism operation  in Australian history took place. More […]

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Tell Me Little Soldier Boy

Tell me Little Soldier Boy; Are you proud of what you’ve accomplished? Are you proud of the sight, Of people lying still and cold? Silenced by your hands, Silenced by my voice? I ask you Little Soldier Boy; Are you happy with your lives deeds? Are you happy with the tears you have brought, Upon […]

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Data Retention: Really the Solution?

In the last few months, a new law has been proposed by the Australian Government. This law, called the ‘Data Retention Policy’, has been created in the name of preventing terrorism on Australian soil. I’m unsure as to the logic behind this proposal. The fact is; it has been nearly 30 years since a fatal […]

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Author Interview

This week I have an interview I did over at 21st Century Muslimah to share. I hope you find it beneficial. 1. What inspired you to write WTNT? I would love to say that it was one particular moment in my life that was the ‘light bulb moment’ but I have to admit that it […]


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That’s Not Me! Misrepresentation in the Australian Media.

A few weeks ago I was walking through Target in the Westfield Carousel shopping centre with my sisters, searching for a gift for my little brother. Ramadan, the Islamic month of fasting, was just a few days away from ending. Kids were starting to count the nights to Eid, the Islamic equivalent of Christmas. I […]

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Whispers and War

The sky is silent, the tree line still The people gather, drawn by the promise of battle’s thrill You stand aside, and are seen as strange But unlike them all, you see the true exchange The promises of the whispers are near impossible to evade. — The stars glisten, promises of long ago To others, […]

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First World Problems

First World Problems are problems that aren’t really problems. For example, when you can’t decide what flavour ice-cream you want to eat, or what shirt to wear, or which movie you want to go see at the cinema… these are all First World Problems. They are not a matter of life and death; they are […]

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